Hi there, I’m Jennifer Wang, and this site is my way of sharing a bit about me and more about my work, especially writing-related, beyond my LinkedIn.

I have had the following identities at some point or another, in no particular order:

    • A published author (“Tony” on Asian American Writers’ Workshop)
    • A strategy analyst at a major media & entertainment company (hint: “Mouse House”)
    • An actor whose face somehow made it into the NY Times
    • A first-generation graduate of Harvard
    • An executive producer of an independent action-comedy film (The Paper Tigers featured on Deadline news)

Another fun fact: the whole reason I have this site is because I received a web hosting offer when I was trying to learn web development in Los Angeles. I decided it wasn’t my calling but kept the site. If you’re looking to set up a simple site of your own, like this one, consider SiteGround. They offer great service and have an easy-to-use customer dashboard. My referral link is here.